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I am an experienced acting coach who offers 1-on-1 lessons, beginner lessons packages, and audition portfolio building help.

My Resume

I've had the wonderful opportunity to act all over the country.  Take a look at what productions I've been in and who I've played!

A Seattle Actor (Blog)

I write about acting - my process, getting jobs (especially in Seattle), what I've learned, and what I think is important in my teaching.

Since 1993

My Philosophy

Being an actor is a lifelong journey.  It is a continual exploration of storytelling through human behavior.  It's the knitting together of technique and instinct that makes an actor great.

My belief is that every actor is a unique and irreplaceable artist.  My goal is to help you discover how you can become an indispensable asset to the world of the theater.  I'm utterly focused and dedicated to your development and how you can grow confidently in the direction of becoming the best artist you can be.

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About Kjerstine

I've had the great pleasure of working with amazing teachers, mentors, and colleagues that have guided me through a ten year (and counting!) career as a professional actor.

Next Steps...

Are you excited to start acting, or do you want to hone your craft with me? I can create a personal plan of action to get your acting craft to where you want to be. Schedule your lesson now.